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Lingua Cambodia prides itself to take part in the ASEAN Economic Community (2015) that will provide a single regional common market and production base. It will be the goal of regional economic community integration by 2015.

Forward in 2015 with the community integration of ten ASEAN member states namely Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Lingua Cambodia will be a helping hand so that citizens of these states could take part in the flow of economic opportunities.

Through bridging language gaps, Lingua Cambodia will participate in line to help ensure emerging growth and prosperity among the ASEAN community will be inclusive and shared.

Lingua Cambodia is an enabler so that skilled and professional opportunities will be attainable to all citizens coming from the ten ASEAN countries. Lingua Cambodia endeavors to be an agent of success for the locale of ASEAN member states by providing translation services and solutions to conquer language barriers.

About Us

Based in Cambodia and registered in Phnom Penh, Lingua Cambodia is a translation agency teaming with professional translators geared with high commitment to provide highest quality, cost-efficient, and timely delivery of language services.



We envisioned Lingua Cambodia to be the leading translation service provider in Cambodia and across the nine other countries of the ASEAN community. Lingua Cambodia will be the language hub to move language barriers and create linkage via translations of Burmese, Khmer, Indonesian, Lao, Malay, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.


We aim to deliver top class translation services and solutions to global markets. Encompassing the languages Burmese, Khmer, Indonesian, Lao, Malay, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese and sending these across through translations, Lingua Cambodia will be a crème of the crop driver to achieve crossing language boundaries and connecting worlds with the ASEAN community.


We cater to clients in our home land Cambodia, to citizens across the ten ASEAN member states, and to all other citizens of countries across the world. Lingua Cambodia is a chief translations provider of Khmer to various Asian, Western, and European languages.

We have top-notch translation solutions for languages of the ten ASEAN member states particularly Burmese, Khmer, Indonesian, Lao, Malay, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.

We purposely serve our clients with sophisticated yet practical translation output that is tailor fit for their language needs.